Sh'himo | Friday - Ramsho (Vespers)

(Sh'himo Book Pg. 3)

Grant us O Lord God that while our bodies rest from the labors of the day, and our souls are released from worldly thoughts, that we may stand in Your presence with tranquility at this time of evening, and that we may offer You ceaseless praise and uninterrupted thanksgiving; that we may acknowledge Your loving kindness by which You direct and rule our lives, and protect and save our souls; to You we offer praise and thanksgiving, now and always and forever. Amen.

Psalm 141

Kurielaison. Lord, I have called upon You, answer me: hear and receive my words.

Let my prayer be like incense in Your sight, the offering of my hands like the evening offering. Set a guard, Lord, before my mouth, a guard before my lips, that my heart may not turn to evil words, and I may not do deeds of wickedness.

Let me not take salt with impious men; let the just man teach me and reprove me: let not the oil of the impious anoint my head; because my prayer was against their evil-doing: their judges have been restrained by the side of the rock; and they have heard how gentle are my words.

As when a plough cleaves the earth, their bones have been scattered at the mouth of Sheol. I have lifted up my eyes to You, Lord, and in You have I put my trust, do not cast away my soul.

Keep me from the hand of the proud who have laid snares for me; let the wicked fall into their nets, while I pass on.

Psalm 142

With my voice I cried to the Lord; with my voice I besought the Lord, and poured out my prayer before him; I showed him my affliction when my spirit was troubled, but You know my path.

In the way of my walking they have laid a snare for me; I look to my right and see none that knows me: the way of escape has gone from me, and there is none who care for my soul. I cried to You, Lord, and said: You are my hope and my portion in the land of the living.

Hear my petition because I am brought very low; deliver me from my persecutors because they are too strong for me. Lead me forth from prison that I may give thanks to Your name: Your just ones shall have hope when You shall reward me.

Psalm 119: 105-112

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path; I have sworn and am resolved to keep the judgments of Your justice. I am greatly brought low, Lord, give me life according to Your word; be pleased with the words of my mouth, Lord, and teach me Your judgments.

My soul is ever in my hands, and I have not forgotten Your law; sinners have laid snares for me, and I have not strayed from Your commands. I shall inherit Your testimony for ever because it is dear to my heart. I have turned my heart to do Your commands forever in truth.

Psalm 117

Praise the Lord all you nations; praise him all you peoples; for His grace is strong over us, truly the Lord is forever.

And to You belongs the praise, O God. Barekmor.

Shub’ho… Men olam…

(Sh'himo Book Pg. 33)

Eqbo (Tune: Akilandatha vahichone…)
He who bears all creation
was borne by wood – of the Cross
The living one who gives life
tasted death of – his own will
He who – the ends of the world
And cre – ation cannot hold
Hero of the world reclined –
with the dead and rested in the tomb
Staumen Kalos Kurielaison

2nd Qolo
(Tune: Sristichen nin kaivechu...) 

You created me and placed Your hands upon me
In the beginning - on Friday God created
Adam from – dust and breathed on him
and gave him speech that he might sing praises
Halleluiah-u-Halleluiah, to His Creator Barekmor

Shub’ho… Men olam…

Praise to the Strong One – Who descended from the heights
And redeemed - us all by His Cross
And delivered us from sin and taught us –
Halleluiah-u-Halleluiah, To wor-ship the Cross

Blest are you Mother – of God because mercy was                                 Theotokos
Shown to you, and you found favor,
You bore God Who magnified your mem’ry
Halleluiah-u-Halleluiah, in hea-ven and earth

Mary and E-lizabeth - were wondrous ships who sailed in
to harbor - One brought the preacher
Mary brought forth the Savior of the world
Halleluiah-u-Halleluiah, may their - prayers help us

Blest are the Prophets – Blest are Apostles                                               Saints
Blest are- the Martyrs, and blest are they who
Are pure in the way of the Lord and who
Halleluiah-u-Halleluiah, keep His commandments

Martyrs beg for mer-cy for our generation
Which has sinned - that by your pray-ers
We be protected from the evil one
Halleluiah-u-Halleluiah, may your prayers help us

On the day of your – remembrance O St. (Thomas)                               A Saint
Our father – The creatures rejoice
And sing praise to Christ Who magnified you
Halleluiah-u-Halleluiah, May your prayers help us

On Friday the Lord – of creation stretched His arms                             Cross
On the Cross – Instead of fruit which
Adam ate, He tasted death by His will
Halleluiah-u-Halleluiah, Restored Adam’s race

From day to day I – promise that tomorrow I                                         Repentance
Will repent – my days have passed and
My sins remain; Pour Your mercy and I
Halleluiah-u-Halleluiah, Will live by Your grace

Lord, extend Your grace – let Your bounty flow over
The whole world – grant peace to kings and
Peace to the churches, concord to priests and
Halleluiah-u-Halleluiah - to us forgiveness

Those who died in Christ – who kept His commandments and          Departed
Confessed Him, - and believed in Him
Shall inherit the Eternal Kingdom
Halleluiah-u-Halleluiah, when He comes again

With the sweet incense – which Aaron did offer, he
Stayed the plague - may smoke of incense
Which priests offer to You be atonement
Halleluiah-u-Halleluiah, give rest to our dead

Quqlion (Tune: Ninne prathi vadham - Tone 1)

For Your sake we are slain every day Hal-Hal                                       (Psalm 44: 22, 24)
We are counted as sheep – for slaughter

Do not turn Your face from us Hal-Hal
Do not forget our – affliction Barekmor

Shub’ho … Men olam…

Eqbo (Tune: Vimalanmar sahadere...)
O Martyrs, – Confessors
Who endured afflictions and – torments from impious judges
Behold your reward is kept – in the Lord’s bridal chamber
May your pray’r be- for us a house of – re-fuge
Staumen kalos Kurielaison

Qolo (Tune: Ekathanoojan than…)

O Holy Martyrs - You are belov’d of the Son of God -
You were slain for Him
And for His love you
Endured torments and were offered - as a sacrifice
Blessed is he
Who has magnified you Martyrs who – loved the Me-ssiah Barekmor

Shub’ho …

Glory to You Lord - for throughout the ages there are just men
Who appease Your name;
In the first ages – Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
Moses, Elijah - And in this age
The blest martyrs will pray with the blood
which flowed from their necks
Moryo rahem alayn w’adarayn

B’outo of St. Jacob

Make us share Lord – in the mem’ry - of Your Mother
And of Your Saints – by their pray’rs have - mercy on us

How fair is the – day of mem’ry – of the blessed
Virgin Mary - Who became the – Mother of God

By her pray’rs may- the Lord remove- the rod of wrath
From every place- which honors her – feast day in faith

How fair is the – hope which our Lord – gave to the dead
In Sheol when – He lay down like – them, beside them

O Death is slain! – rise and come forth – you dead ones from
Within the grave – sing praise to Him – Who raised you up

There in heaven – and in the Church - here on the earth
Remember Your - Mother and Saints - and Departed

(Sh'himo Book Pg. 4)

O Jesus Christ our Lord, close not the door of Thy mercy upon our faces. We confess that we are sinners; have mercy upon us. O Lord, Thy love for us, didst make Thee to come down to us from Thy place. That by Thy death, our death might be abolished; Have mercy upon us. Amen.