Sh'himo | Saturday - Ramsho (Vespers)

Grant us O Lord God that while our bodies rest from the labors of the day, and our souls are released from worldly thoughts, that we may stand in Your presence with tranquility at this time of evening, and that we may offer You ceaseless praise and uninterrupted thanksgiving; that we may acknowledge Your loving kindness by which You direct and rule our lives, and protect and save our souls; to You we offer praise and thanksgiving, now and always and forever. Amen.

Psalm 141


Lord, I have called upon You, answer me: hear and receive my words.

Let my prayer be like incense in Your sight, the offering of my hands like the evening offering. Set a guard, Lord, before my mouth, a guard before my lips, that my heart may not turn to evil words, and I may not do deeds of wickedness.

Let me not take salt with impious men; let the just man teach me and reprove me: let not the oil of the impious anoint my head; because my prayer was against their evil-doing: their judges have been restrained by the side of the rock; and they have heard how gentle are my words.

As when a plough cleaves the earth, their bones have been scattered at the mouth of Sheol. I have lifted up my eyes to You, Lord, and in You have I put my trust, do not cast away my soul.

Keep me from the hand of the proud who have laid snares for me; let the wicked fall into their nets, while I pass on.

Psalm 142

With my voice I cried to the Lord; with my voice I besought the Lord, and poured out my prayer before him; I showed him my affliction when my spirit was troubled, but You know my path.

In the way of my walking they have laid a snare for me; I look to my right and see none that knows me: the way of escape has gone from
me, and there is none who care for my soul. I cried to You, Lord, and said: You are my hope and my portion in the land of the living.

Hear my petition because I am brought very low; deliver me from my persecutors because they are too strong for me. Lead me forth from prison that I may give thanks to Your name: Your just ones shall have hope when You shall reward me.

Psalm 119: 105-112

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path; I have sworn and am resolved to keep the judgments of Your justice. I am greatly brought low, Lord, give me life according to Your word; be pleased with the words of my mouth, Lord, and teach me Your judgments.

My soul is ever in my hands, and I have not forgotten Your law; sinners have laid snares for me, and I have not strayed from Your commands. I shall inherit Your testimony for ever because it is dear to my heart. I have turned my heart to do Your commands forever in truth.

Psalm 117

Praise the Lord all you nations; praise him all you peoples; for His grace is strong over us, truly the Lord is forever.

And to You belongs the praise, O God. Barekmor.

Shub’ho… Men olam…

(Sh'himo Book Pg. 48)

Eqbo (Tune: Ennaal nin kabarinkal…)
You are bless-ed - Departed
On that day of re-surrection
The Living Body which you ate
And the Absolving Blood you drank
Shall raise you up at - his right hand
Staumen Kalos Kurielaison

Qolo (Tune: Mashiha rajave shokam…)

Pethgomo: Bless the Lord, O my soul
Grant rest, O Messiah King
To the souls of Your servants in peace
With all of Your saints
Where death nor suffering reign
Nor where sorrow rules instead the life
Which is eternal. Barekmor

Shub’ho … Men olam…

For the dead You've done wonders
So I called upon You all day and
Stretched my hands towards You
The mighty shall praise You and
Tell of Your grace and that You are He
Who raises the dead

The most high came forth from you                                   Theotokos
Humbly became small to raise up fa-
llen earthly Adam
He has honored, magnified
Your mem'ry here and in heav'n
may your - Pray'r be a stronghold

Prophet Moses saw a fire,
Which rested on a bush and it was
Not burned by the fire
Like that bush the virgin was
Not burned by the flame of the Son of
God who dwelt in her
Peace be with all the prophets                                             Saints
And peace be with all the apostles
And with the martyrs
They who loved the lord of peace
Peace be with the Holy Church in whom
Dwell the sons of peace

When he was dying, Joseph,                                               Repentance
Said to his brothers: “Do not leave me –
in a foreign land.
Bring up my bones from Egypt
That I may go with you and the Lord –
will be your helper”

Be not sad, brother Joseph,
Let your mind be not afraid lest we
Should go and leave you
We remember your kindness
When you did not recall our faults when
We came to Egypt