Matura 2016 Recap


By the grace of God, the MGOCSM areas of Brooklyn/Queens/Long Island and Bronx/Westchester/Northern NY/Boston/CT held their second combined "Martura" camp this summer. Over 100 youth from the two areas joined together on Friday, August 11 and Saturday, August 12 at St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, Valley Stream.


The camp was blessed to have two speakers this year, Sem. Bobby Varghese and Dn. Levon Asdourian of the Armenian Orthodox Church who spoke on the theme “Witness His Joy”  inspired by Hebrews 12:1-2. On day one, Dn. Levon shared various insights with the youth on obtaining the joy of the Lord. On day two Sem. Bobby Varghese further engaged the youth, covering points including overcoming temptation and maintaining joy in the midst of hardship.


Filled with much laughter and thought provoking sessions, the camp was a fun opportunity for participants to grow in faith and fellowship. Through prayers, songs, discussions and activities, the youth of both areas were reminded to find strength in the cloud of witnesses and in each other as they each run the race to obtain the ultimate victory - the crown of salvation.


Though next summer the two areas plan to host separate Martura camps, the hope is that both areas continue to motivate each other, witnessing the joy of Christ.