DS-WA MGOCSM - Houston New Year's Conference 2015

St. Thomas MGOCSM had their annual New Year's Conference this year from January 1st to 4th at St. Thomas Cathedral. The theme this year was Crossroads: "What Would You Do?". The main speaker for this event was our very own  Dn. Abey George. Semassen's talks were inspirational and thought provoking. He spoke about the paths that are laid before us, but before we look at the paths, we need to figure out where we are now & then where we want to be. There may be many paths, but the path we should be concerned about is the one that will take us to be communion with Christ.  In addition, NYC'15 incorporated Outstanding workshops led by Dn. Abey George on Anger and Stress Management, Joby Abraham & Jobby Jacob on Serving the Church, and Lijin Raju on Life after Death, as well as Bijoy Thomas on an amazing and eye-opening Icon Workshop. The conference was a success thanks to many of our volunteers and speakers. It was a Blessing to partake in the conference, to have fellowship and come together in communion with Christ! All glory to God for a blessed conference!