DS-WA MGOCSM - Detroit's Lenten Retreat 2015

The Detroit MGOCSM held its annual Lenten Retreat on Saturday March 21st at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Warren, Michigan. The retreat was led by Mr. Jerry Idicula in the presence of Rev. Fr. Philip Sankarathil. The focus of the retreat was to deepen the understanding of spiritual warfare and prepare students in various levels of their educational life with essentials in combating faith-related problems that they may come across in their daily lives. The retreat started off with prayer followed by the first session of the retreat which dealt with occurrences of spiritual combat in the Bible and the essentials in “fighting the war.”  Group discussions were held after to talk about individual and personal problems that students face and possible solutions to these problems. The second session of the retreat focused further on the steps needed in order to be successful in combating problems that we may face in our spiritual and worldly lives. The retreat ended with meditation and chanting sessions, which gave students an opportunity to sit in silence and examine their lives especially during the Lenten season, followed by evening prayer.