DS-WA MGOCSM - Northwest Region - Lenten Retreat 2015













The Seattle and Spokane MGCOSM were blessed to have Rev. Dn. Pradeep Hatcher as the main speaker for their Lenten Retreat, which took place from February 28 - March 1. Rev. Dn. Pradeep spoke to the MGOCSM about why observing Great Lent is such an important task in becoming more Christ-like. He referred to Joel 2:12-13 to relay his message that during this Lenten season we need to return to the Lord through fasting. Rev. Dn. Pradeep also led us in learning the songs in the new Qurbana books.


The Edmonton MGOCSM had their Lenten Retreat on March 20, and was blessed to have Mrs. Sara Johnson as the speaker. The Retreat revolved around the importance of Great Lent and confession. She emphasized with the youth on some of the fears some may have in confessing, but reinforced the notion that it is a blessed Sacrament and is an important act in seeking reconciliation.


Every month Rev. Dn. Pradeep Hatcher holds a video conference for all the youth in the Northwest Region. In the month of March, the focus was on the importance of Great Lent and the traditions the Orthodox church follows. The questions he addressed were:


1) What is the purpose of abstaining from food?


2) What is the significance of fasting for 50 days? (Why the additional 10 days?)


3) What does Lent mean?


4) How can we prepare and transform ourselves during the Lenten season?


5) What is the significance of Shubkono?