Men of the Kingdom, - Summer Youth Camp at Urshlem Diocesan Center, Beasley


DSWA/C/04/2015 February 25, 2015


Blessings to all our Cor-Episcopoi, Priests, Deacons, Office Bearers & all the Faithful of our diocese!

 Dearly Beloved,

 A few months prior, we had written to you concerning our vision to inaugurate a Summer Youth Camp at Urshlem Diocesan Center in an effort to comprehensively address the spiritual needs of our students. This camp would be specifically designed in a way that utilizes the diverse resources unique to our Church as well as the new facilities at the Diocesan Center for the benefit of our youth.

After meeting with the MGOCSM Council in mid-January 2015, we are happy to inform you that the plans for this Summer Camp have begun and we are hopeful of realizing this vision over the course of the next few months. God- willing, the camp will take place from Sunday, July 12 through Sunday, July 19 in an effort to encourage participants to plan one consecutive trip for the Diocesan Family and Youth Conference as well as the Summer Camp.

 In its inaugural year, the camp will be targeted to young men who are entering 11th grade through college undergraduate students. In future it will be for both young men and women after we develop the accommodation facilities in the diocesan center. The theme for this year's camp will be "Men of the Kingdom," based on the passage from Genesis 1:26. As mentioned before, the objective of this Camp is to provide our youth with a living experience of Orthodoxy that empowers them to stand firm in their identity in Christ across all arenas of their life.

In addition to attending the camp yourselves, we request your sincere efforts in encouraging students from all areas of the Diocese to attend this camp and enrich their faith by immersing themselves in it. Held at the Diocesan Center, this camp offers a unique experience that many youth have never experienced before and has the potential to make a significant and lifelong impact on the spiritual lives of all those who attend. A comprehensive study program is being developed including an orientation to their college and carrier development, friendship, family life, use of modern technology, along with our liturgical and biblical traditions. The course will also focus on facing the different challenges they confront in the modern world.

 We request your continued prayers and support for this project and encourage the sharing of your thoughts and ideas for the planning process ahead.


Your shepherd in Christ,

Alexios Mar Eusebius,