DS-WA MGOCSM - Atlanta's Service Project

Operation Christmas Child is a service project initiated by many different charities all over the United States every year. During the Holidays, it is a period of time in which people gather many supplies to give to under-privileged children. The mission of this project is to make Christmas for these children an unforgettable one. This year, members of the MGOCSM of the Atlanta Area took the initiative to participate in Operation Christmas Child. Members took time out of their day to buy toys, school supplies, clothing, accessories, toothbrushes, and much more! Everyone was given two weeks to drop off items at the donation box and then on November 22, 2015 the MGOCSM members gathered together after Qurbana and worked together to put together 55 shoeboxes to deliver. All the boxes were transported to a drop off location that shipped the gifts to children all over the world. Ultimately, this service project benefited not only the children in need, but our the youth as well. The Atlanta MGOCSM was able to unite and work together to make a difference in other people’s lives. The items in the shoebox may have been simple things we use and see every day, but to these children it meant so much more. Ultimately, we hope to execute this service project again next year and we hope to have even more participation.