Walk in Love and Light

             Walk in Love and Light

Ephesians 5:1-14 

In St. Paul's epistle to the Ephesians, he focuses on the Church, the Body of Christ. In chapter 5, St. Paul compares and contrasts the darkness of immorality and the light of Christ. God created us in His own image and is our Heavenly Father. As kids, many of us look up to our parents and desire to dress like them, talk like them and be just like them. In the same manner, we are children of God and ought to imitate Him, in action, thought and being. 

There are two "L" words highlighted in this passage: love and light. St. Paul first calls us to walk in love, in the same manner Christ did. He humbly sacrificed himself so that we may attain eternal life. His sacrifice is compared to that of sweet smelling incense which is burned as a sacrifice which is acceptable by God. Later in the passage, St. Paul calls us to walk in light and to seek what is acceptable to God. Where darkness once triumphed, light now prevails. 

On a daily basis we are in a spiritual warfare well beyond our comprehension. However, a remarkable aspect of God's love is that He calls all of us sinners to be saints. Saints! Not just "be the best Christian you can be" but live in a manner where the vices of this world are not even mentioned among us because we are fit to be saints. In verse 7, we are reminded to not even partake with those that deceive or take part in any unclean acts because God's wrath is inflicted on those who disobey. In today's world, this task is extremely difficult. We live in a society where it is often the norm to partake in unclean acts; it is so much a norm that it is almost wrong to excuse yourself from a situation involving drugs or alcohol. We get questioned on why we don't want to partake or if we are "too holy" to stay and participate. St. Paul reminds us that if we partake in these immoral acts, we must also expect to share in the wrath God has for those who disobey. But we must remember that we were not created to be men and women of this world, rather we are God's children - and even more, we are all called to be saints. How beautiful is that? 

Verse 14 of this passage provides us with a friendly reminder of how we ought to live our lives. Walk in love and light...but also, like the prophets and apostles before us, we should call on those who have been bounded by sin, so that they may also walk in the light. It may be one thing to excuse yourself from sinful acts or live a righteous life, but it is an entirely different thing to also help out your fellow brothers and sisters in leading a life which imitates God. 

As we approach Holy Week, we must reflect and look at our journey this Great Lent. Have we been able to walk in love and light and abstain from the sinful acts around us? As we continue to journey to the Cross, lets not only strive to walk in love and light, but also be a source of encouragement and support for others who have struggled or desire to do the same. 

Questions for Reflection

1) How can you change your daily actions to answer the call to be a saint?

2) What is more difficult for you - leading a Christian life or helping others lead one?